Arizona State University Baseball

I am going to try to write this one in English since I want to write about the great American pasttime of BASEBALL!
It seems simple, you have 9 innings, each with 3 outs.  A pitcher can throw the ball to the batter in the strike zone or out of it, which then the pitch is considered a "ball".  OK, so if you are lost, it is ok.  All I know is that one of my best friends here, Stephanie, loves baseball.  She tries to teach me.  Arizona State University went to the College World Series this year, and they were just defeated tonight, in the final elimination round, by the University of Texas.  I thought the world ended by the screaming and dissapointment from my friend Stephanie :)  She went to the games in Omaha, Nebraska last week and had the time of her life.  It seems quite fun! (pictures are from Stephanie's trip last week- she is the one with brown hair on the left)

Postat av: Malin Karlsson

Haha, I know for sure Steph wrote that!!!=)

2009-06-20 @ 18:32:00

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